Stuffing Christmas Stockings

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Getting Started

Christmas Socks I've been filling at least 20 Christmas stockings every year for about 20 years now. I've learned a lot in that time about filling Christmas Stockings. Christmas socks can be a great answer to the problem of gifts for people you don't know well or who are difficult to buy for.

Make a List

Christmas Ornaments

The first step is make a list of sock recipients. I give one to each member of my family, my goddaughter, and a few special friends of our family. Then categorize your list. The object is to know at all times how many "girl" gifts, "boy" gifts, children's gifts, etc you need. That way if you see a sale on items that are good stocking stuffers, you don't have to recite your entire list in your head to get a count. When I can't remember my counts, I end up going through the entire list about six times, and I still often forget someone. This year I have classified my list of 20 as: ten males, ten females, with four youngish females and five youngish males. I don't have any really young children this year. If I did, I'd have to have a couple more categories. Categories are pretty fluid. Some gifts would be suitable for a teenager and for a 22 year old girl. On the other hand, if the 22 year old girl is out of the house, a spatula would be suitable for her and for an older woman, as well as for a single man.

Choose Your Stockings

I buy stockings each year at after Christmas sales. Don't forget to check drugstores, especially on New Years Day. They often have stuff out during the Christmas shopping season thot doesn't sell because its overpriced. People don't buy the stuff because they're going to be at Target or WalMart anyway, so they wait and pick it up at a more reasonable price. By New Years Day, the drugstore is desperate to get rid of it all so they can put their St. Valentine's Day merchandise out. I've seen Walgreens running sales on seasonal items at 75% off the original price on New Years Day.

Getting Your Socks Back

Many of my sock recipient's return their empty socks, at my request. Depending on who is getting the sock, I may put the following in the toe of the sock:

Enyoy your sock!

Preparing to Shop